We want your kids to party!


It all got started when one kid hopped on his Talkie and messaged his friend to "bring his stash" to his basement. That friend sent the message to another friend, and so on, and so on. 

Seconds later, we see an eight-year-old juiceologist with a stick-on mustache mixing a cocktail of generic soda and Skittles using an all beef hot dog as a stirrer.

A girl with Shirley Temple curls peers furtively out of a Pottery Barn issue play tent before she pours Pixie Stick dust onto her outstretched tongue. A boy crushes a juice box on his forehead.

A pint sized DJ spins on her plastic Fisher Price turntable while 50 kids around her pop it, lock it, and drop it like it's hot.

While all of this is going down, there is a babysitter buried in her screen upstairs, oblivious to the rave literally going on right underneath her nose.  

The sad part is all of those little kids in the basement who are sweating, and dancing, and laughing with wild abandon while it's raining rainbow Mike-N-Ike's are probably already fully addicted to their screens.

Children who spend less time on screens perform better in school, have a healthier diet, are more physically active, and more connected to their family and community.*

We made this video, "More Party, Less Screens," to further our mission of giving kids a communication device that fosters genuine connection and open ended, imaginative play. We hope you like it, and share it, and ultimately buy into it, so that your kids can get back to just being kids. 

Eating our way down to the bottom of the jello bowl, 

Gauri and Audry


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