Amazon Customer

My husband & I recently divorced so I had been looking for a solution for my 8 year old daughter to be able to "call me" when she's at her Dad's house. My older daughter has a cell phone, but I didn't feel my 8 year old was old enough for one yet. However, I still wanted her to have the freedom... so after looking at a lot of smart watches for kids (Tinitel, Kurio, Filip, etc) I stumbled upon this somehow & spontaneously bought it for her for Christmas.

She loves it! It is adorable. It is easy for her to use. She especially loves the whee's and giggles and snores.

We've had to pair it a few times when it's lost her contacts. And the pairing process was noooot as easy as I had thought. You put the talkiebox on the screen after typing in your wi-fi password, then it should connect & pair. However -- I had to do it three times before it stopped giving me an error, and each time I change wifi networks or I change/add contacts int he app I've had to had to re-pair just to get it to work. She's also had some trouble having to press hard enough to get the messages to play or holding too long on the button or pressing it too quickly too close together causing her to skip new message sometimes. And, she's missed messages and forgets to check them after awhile (I end up having to remind her) -- so I wish that there was a (reasonable) way to make it keep dinging or something (a light maybe?) that shows she has a message waiting.

The biggest amount of feedback I have is that this toy probably isn't made for what I wanted (something she could take her to Dad's house and message me with) because it relies on having her father set up the toy at his house on his wifi. I can't figure out how I would make the toy work without having to rely on him and I've asked him now repeated to create an account and pair it to his wifi but he hasn't-- thus she is unable to use it to send me messages until she's back on my wifi network. AND I have to change that every-time we go to a new location (like her grandparents house, friend's houses, etc-- it doesn't intuitively just sync to multiple networks that are pre-configured)

Despite all that-- we bought another one for my older daughter (Bitsy, the Bat)! Because she was so in love with her little sister's (Gory, the Shark). AND Toymail is incredibly open to making updates and progressing this product-- for instance, they're putting out a release soon that will save wifi networks (which will eliminate my problem above) and they were very interested in my notification feedback. I think they're definitely on the right track to an amazing toy so I'm over all very happy that I bought this instead of a watch for her despite the minor inconveniences. It's definitely not as robust as a smart watch would have been (which I knew! so I wasn't REALLY expecting that) but I think it's the perfect balance of communication and fun for my kid.