I travel for work on a semi-regular basis, and I've been looking for a way to engage my kids while I'm gone, while also avoiding the hassle and risks of socially connected products. (Hangouts, Skype, cell phones, etc). My wife got two of these for Christmas, and we couldn't be happier. They are cute, fun, and engaging. They work really well, and even the 4 year old has figured it out almost on her own. During setup I had some problems mostly attributed to an Android version of my phone. (I use an unlocked overseas model phone). I was stunned that when I wrote an email on Christmas, they not only responded in an hour - but ran an update of the Android app in about 4 hours to support my phone... and to boot, the support was not off-shore, but US based. What an awesome company, and product.

My only recommendation, and nothing I can dig a star about as I'm not sure how to address it, and it may go against another review I saw that complained about the toy soliciting attention (something they turned off), but the kids don't know when a new message has come in unless they are around the toy when the message comes in. It makes a noise, once, when a new message comes in, but if they are away from the toy, then - say at school... Well, they really have no idea they have a new message from dad waiting unless they go and push the button. Though thinking about this, I'm not sure if I would want it making a noise or something continuously beaconing "I've got mail??",... My plan is just to have them press the button when I'm away from time to time.

Super cool, innovative, and it also looks as though they will be building in more features as time goes on. (Connecting to different WiFi networks automatically would be nice... So if they toy goes from home to grandma's it still works, without Grandma having to understand what a WEP key is :) )

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