We love our talkies !
I bought 3 of them for my boys, initially , while your campaign was on. Then, when I realize what a cool way to keep in touch this is for children, I ended up buying 4 more for my nephew and my nieces who live in Romania, Italy and Great Britain .
Now my children send messages all over Europe to their cousins and aunts and uncles whenever they want to and it's safe and it gives them a certain kind of freedom and it actually makes them communicate more which I love , given the fact that our family is so far away from us ( we live in U.S.)
The one thing that my children mentioned is that they were sad when some of their favorite messages got erased because they received other messages . Maybe a favorite message option that would save the ones they love ?
Overall, both children and parents are so happy with these talkies! It brings all of our worlds closer .
Set up took a little bit with the first ones and it was a brezze the second time around.
My siblings and sister in law all downloaded the app, even the ones without kids and talkies , because they can still send messages back and forth with my children. I honestly didn't expect my children to be so excited about them, I thought I would have to encourage them to use it.
We would definitely recommend these talkies !
Also, customer service is awesome. They are prompt and extremely helpful and respectful and friendly . A great company who will go far .