Bayleigh's Mom

This is a genius product, that fits the need for my family. Our daughter is 8 and really wants a phone or other devices to communicate with our family and friends. We feel she is to young to getting into that just yet. When I saw this product on Shark Tank Friday night I knew it was a safe way for her to get some of the "phone features" that she would be completely in charge of. This product is the first thing I have ever bought from Shark Tank after watching the show since it started so it really spoke to me. It is safe (with the trusted circle list) I know she can control and send safe messages without my complete supervision. It gives her that perfect sense of independence that she craved.

I love the bat skin, but also they are coming out with more skins soon (unicorn and bunny to name a few.) I also love that you can just buy the replacement cover when you need it so you do not have to re-buy the brains of the toy again. I felt the app was fairly simple to navigate (we have Android phones.) We easily informed our family how to get set up and start talking. My daughter finds her Talkie easy to operate and loves to send and receive messages. Plus it giggles and snores which is adorable. It has earned one the most coveted spot on her bed next to her other favorite stuffed animals. It brings her joy to hear the message alert and to be able to communicate with family and friends that might not be near us. We have family all over the country and this is a great way to keep in touch. She can also keep in touch with her friends that have "talkies."

I am sorry to have read that customer service in other reviews was lacking. I had the complete opposite experience. We bought the toy on Saturday and it arrived from Amazon on Monday. We set it up and played with it all day Monday. Then Tuesday morning a new patch and our toy had a little bug. But I loved working with customer service, Marla was amazing and took all the time I needed and fixed the toy. From start to finish it was a great experience and I could tell they cared. I really could not give Marla more praise if I wanted to. She was a rock star! The customer service team and engineering team were amazing.

This product really does fill a gap needed in the market. It is clever and fun. I could not recommend this product more.

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