Jenn Guidry

I'm compelled to leave a review for the Talkie by Toymail. If you are a working parent, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! If you are like me, you are worried about all kinds of things. Technology and our kids... whew! It's happening so fast. This is a wonderful way to keep this 80s kid (mom) and my Gen Z (6 yo) utilizing the beauty of technology without the use of another screen. The first message I got melted my heart. Sometimes she leaves me these lava of love messages, and sometimes she sends me jokes or fart noises. It is the absolute best. I love that I can save them, forward to friends or family. This is such a wonderful invention, and yes it was cumbersome to set up. But, who cares?! Once you're there, you are there. I love love love Gory the Shark!! My daughter renamed her Delilah, so there's that! Ha So much fun to communicate. I got this because of my work schedule and on the go business travel. #MomGuilt Skype is great, but this is fantastic! She sleeps with her stuffy, and we have the best time. I love getting message when I'm at work on getting on a plane. Thank you so much for creating this product. I'm so very thankful I watch Shark Tank. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. Hello to my go-to gift for all my mom and dad friends.