My son received Hank the Dino for a Christmas gift. After having a bit of trouble getting my wifi to cooperate with the toy(wifi issue not toy issue) so I could pair it with my phone my son(4) took of with it. My niece and nephew also received the other 2 in the series. After a little bit of setup on everyone's phones, the family can now send the kids messages and the kids can send them right back. Right now my son likes to toss it around because it giggles. He also likes to send silly messages with my assistance to get the correct person ready for the message. E especially likes the voice changer feature. I like hanks cute little voice and giggle. It is a very cute toy and easy enough to work with. There are a couple things that I would like to see in the future software releases and I've already been in touch with customer support about it. (They are app features and not toy features. I think the toy is pretty awesome as it is.)

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