Our boys have Hank and Gory and they love them dearly! They love being able to talk to their dad and work as well as their grandparents. They could even keep in touch with us when my husband and I had to take a business trip for a few days. It was very easy for our 7 year-olds to figure out how to use their Talkies entirely on their own. We ended up buying three more Talkies for their young cousins for Christmas so they could all stay in touch. Our boys wait every day for their cousin to get home from school so she can reply to their messages! In addition to the Talkies being high quality and easy to use, I love that their customer services is so quick and thorough- you can even reach the Toymail team on social media and they'll get back with you right away! Five stars from the kids and five stars from the grown ups!

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