Sherri Lee

After two days i got it to work.. now that it works itbis great. Anyone who downloads the app and as the parebt you accept them can send a message to your kid. Set up sucked... alot. For that i can only give four stars.

First it did not work with my phone. I have an iphone six plus on a tmobile network. I spent two days trying to not throw it out a window. I had to use my husbands phone to get the toy working. But at that point it still didnt work right with my phone. I couldnt hear her messages just white noise. Then I re update my carrier and phone software then reinstall the app to get it to work. And several phone resets. That was a major pain to figure out and get working.

I did email customer service. They had a quick response time. The first lady I talked to was very nice. She did not know what the problem was. She was going to escalate my ticket but I had figured it out by myself. Once I told her I figured it out she asked me what I did so that way she can help others in the future. Very responsive and their customer service.