Suzan Plummer

I absolutely LOVE this App. I get to talk to my granddaughter when I want. I was able to tell her goodnight and that I loved my little bug.
She was able to tell me good night too. Course she had it with her in bed and she sent me recordings of the music that was playing. She is 6 yrs old and listens to music to fall asleep.
I can't wait to tell her to have a wonderful day at school every morning. I will also be able to tell her goodnight too.
Best invention for grandparents and grandchildren to keep in touch at such a young age. My grandchildren live in IL and I am in KS.
I never have to bother the mom just to talk to our grandchildren😊
Every grandparent, cousins and parent who does not live in the home should buy one for every child they have. It is better then the phone.

I saved a couple of the recordings she sent too. I listened to them at my bedtime.

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