Tracy L. Schubert

I considered deleting my entire message and writing a new review of this incredible toy but I would not have the blessing of sharing my experience on the receiving end of some of the most fantastic customer service I have been privileged to experience - thank you Marla Bogaerts. Marla diligently worked to make a connection with me to address my problem. She gave me her undivided attention and was able to solve my problem most completely. Additionally she was able to answer all my questions. She's amazing!

This toy is FUN!!! I KNOW my daughter is going to have a blast sending messages to people she loves anytime SHE wants to (without needing to ask a grownup to borrow their phone). I'm so excited! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all. 😉

Original message: "I'm so upset!! Because this is a Christmas present for my 8 year old daughter, I have kept it hidden since it arrived. She is away this weekend so I opened it to get it set up so she could use it on Christmas morning.

Well, I ordered Gory the SHARK - her favorite color is blue - it's what she requested. The box says Hank the Dino and I GOT Bitsy the BAT.

There is no time to return this, reorder and HOPE it comes in time.

To help you understand more little one asks for NOTHING. Last Christmas she asked for food for kids who don't have food. This year I (all but) forced her to come up with something she'd like for herself. So, this isn't just one of 100 presents a child has asked for. This is the ONLY present she asked for and it's wrong.

I wouldn't want my peanut to be without a gift when Christmas gets here especially since I pushed so hard to get her to tell me what she would like. I feel like the air has been let out of my balloon. I'm so disappointed.