Frequently Asked questions
Why not give your child a phone?

Most children under 10 don't have phones because parents worry about screentime and security. We provide a safe device, and kids as young as 3 are using them today.

Do the toy and the phone have to be together all the time?

Nope. The Talkies are powered by WIFI, not bluetooth, so in order to be online the toys only have to be within about 200 feet of the router you connect them to.

Why do we use WIFI instead of Bluetooth?

We use WIFI for the most reliable messaging experience. Bluetooth requires a phone be near the toy in order to send and receive messages and can require constant re-pairing making adult facilitation necessary.

How do the Talkies connect to the Toymail app?

The Toymail app walks you through pairing your Talkie to your home WIFI network. Once set-up is complete you can message with anyone that is friends with you through the Toymail app (through their phones, tablets, or other Talkies).

Is my toy Wi­Fi compatible overseas?

Talkies connect to 2.4 GHz WIFI routers, as long as your WIFI router runs on 2.4 GHz, your Talkie can connect to the internet anywhere in the world.

Can my Talkie connect to multiple WiFi networks?

Yes, it can. Hit the 'CHANGE WIFI PASSWORD' in your child's profile to change it's WIFI network and follow the on screen instructions. You will also soon have the ability to store multiple WIFI networks.

Where can I stay updated about Toymail toys and app features?

Sign up here and we'll send you periodic emails about cool new features! Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How secure is Toymail?

Your kiddo's safety is the most important thing in the world to us! All of your messages are routed through our secure server. Walkie Talkies, baby monitors and devices like that work in real time and can be infiltrated. Since our messages go through a server they are much more secure!

How many people can send a toy a Toymail?

All contacts can send as many messages as they want! Talkies will automatically delete the oldest messages once they have been played.

Friends and family can download the Toymail app and friend parents on the app. Parents approve these requests and can manage the contacts by going to the app settings and tapping on 'My Kids' or ‘Trusted Circle.’ Once you select the child's profile, you can manage which contacts can send messages to your child's profile.

Can I have the Talkies shipped internationally?

We ship to most countries, go to our checkout page to see if your country is listed.

Please note: we ship from California, USA.

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the customer's responsibility.

Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

What ages is Toymail recommended for?

We recommend Toymail for ages 3­-10!

How do I set up my toy?

Make sure your phone is connected to the same home WIFI network you are pairing the Talkie to. Ensure your screen brightness is turned all the way up, your power-save feature is off, and that all other apps are closed.

In your Toymail app settings, tap 'Add a Toy or Friend.' You will be prompted to enter your WIFI password. Once you are ready to pair the toy with your phone, follow the prompts in the app. Once you press START, you will have a few seconds to touch the sensor from your toy your phone's screen.

Need extra help? Email us at or call 1-888-723-5741.

How can I connect the Talkie to another network?

Make sure your phone is connected to the same WIFI network you are connecting the Talkie to. Ensure your screen brightness is turned all the way up, your power-save feature is off, and that all other apps are closed.

Please go into your Toymail app settings and tap 'Setup Toy.' After you connect the toy to the new WIFI network, all of your Talkies previous messages and settings will be remembered in the app!

I have tried pairing my toy using the Toymail app but it's not working.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Please follow these steps:

  • Close all open apps on your device
  • Make sure your device is connected to the same home network you are pairing your Talkie to
  • Talkies are intended to connect to 2.4 GhZ home networks, not 5 GhZ networks
  • Ensure you have entered your WIFI password into the Toymail app correctly, please note passwords are case sensitive
  • Your Talkiebox should be blinking when you place the sensor side directly on your screen for the flashing sequence
  • Your Talkiebox will stop blinking while your app flashes then resume blinking
  • You should see a solid green light indicating the blink up was read successfully and then a green blinking pattern which shows your Talkie is connecting to your WIFI, the Toymail app and receiving any new software updates.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us at or 1-888-723-5741. Provide your device type and indicate what color your Talkiebox was blinking after the blinkup process completed in the app.

My Talkie's sensor is blinking. What does it mean?

That means your Talkie is ready to pair! It typically blinks about 120 seconds. If it stops blinking, just push a button to get it blinking again.

My sensor is blinking green but I received an error message in the app.

Your Talkie receives software updates via WIFI. A green blinking Talkie means you’ve successfully paired your Talkie with your home WIFI. A solid green means your Talkie is receiving new software.

Ensure all the opens apps are closed on your device, make sure your Talkiebox is blinking and then follow the instructions to blink up your toy to finalize the connection with the Toymail app.

  1. Go to your app settings
  2. Tap ‘My Kids’
  3. Tap the child’s profile you wish to add the Talkie to
  4. Tap the plus sign under the child’s photo
  5. Follow the instructions to pair your Talkie
  6. Go back into your child’s profile and delete the Mailman

Make sure you place the Talkie’s sensor on a portion of the screen that is not cracked.

Is Toymail compatible with my phone?

The Toymail app is compatible with the following devices:

iOS Devices running iOS 8 or newer

Android Devices running 4.1 Kitkat or newer

Is there an Android app for Toymail?

Yes! And its awesome! Download it here

Does the Toymail app work with iPad?

Yes! Search for Toymail and filter by ‘iPhone only’

Can I send messages from my computer?

You cannot send Toymail messages from your computer, but we're looking to add this feature in the future.

How many people can send messages to my Talkie?

Your child can have up to 10 contacts in their trusted circle at a time.

How many messages can my Talkie receive?

There are no messaging limits. Talkies will automatically delete the oldest messages to make room for new ones.

How do others connect to my Talkie?

Friends and family can download the Toymail app and request to friend parents on the app. Parents approve these requests and can manage the contacts by going to the app settings and tapping on 'My Kids' or ‘Trusted Circle’

How is a person notified that he or she has a new message?

Talkies will chime when they receive a new message. You can force your Talkie to check for new messages by holding down the mouth button until your Talkie says ‘checking for messages’. You can enable push notifications for the Toymail app in your phone settings.

Is there a cost to send Toymail?

Messaging is totally free.

How close does my phone need to be to the toy for the Talkie to get my messages?

You can send messages to your Talkie from anywhere in the world! As long as the toy is connected to WIFI, the Talkie will receive your messages no matter how far away you are.

What are pick­up notifications?

When your child picks up their toy, you will receive a notification on your phone so that you can send a message to your kiddo. Turn these off in your phone's settings.

How does the voice filter work?

To enable the voice filter, open your Toymail app. Tap the cloud icon in the top right corner. Tap the voice filter and enable for your child. When your child presses the cloud button on their Talkie, one of the contacts will be ‘voice filter.’ After hearing ‘voice filter’ your child presses the record button. Press the record button again to stop recording. The silly voice will then play back!

How does a kid send messages from their toy?

Anyone you add to your circle of contacts will be automatically downloaded into Talkie as a contact for your child (manage contacts in the app settings). To send a message from the toy, first press the cloud button to cycle through and select a contact and then push the chat button to record. When you are done recording, press the chat button again. Your message will send automatically!

Can anyone send a kid a Toymail?

No! All contacts have to be approved by parents in the app! We take your child's safety very seriously, and all messages are also routed through our secure server.

Can Talkies send messages toy­-to-­toy?

Yes! The grown­ups with the apps need to friend each other and then the kiddos can start Toymailing. You can manage your children's contacts by going into the app settings and tapping on 'My Kids.'

Is there an on/off switch on the toy?

There is no physical switch, but parents can modify the toy's sleep/ wake times in the Toymail app settings. Tap on 'My Kids' and then select your kiddo's profile. The toy will not connect to WIFI during these times.

Can my kids initiate a message to me or can they only reply to one that's been sent?

Your kids can initiate messages to you. To do this they would select a contact using the cloud icon and then press the chat icon to start recording a message.

How long can a Toymail message be?

Your messages can be up to 20 seconds long

How long does it take to download a new message?

Talkies check for new messages every 20 minutes while idle. If the child picks up the toy, the Talkie will download the newest message and send a notification to your phone that your kiddo is playing with their Talkie. You can also hold down the mouth button until the Talkie says ‘checking for messages,’ to download new ones.

How many messages does my Talkie store?

Your Talkie stores between 4-10 messages depending on length. Your Talkie will automatically delete the oldest messages to make room for new ones.

Will my Talkie work outside of my home?

Talkies will store all the most recent messages offline so kiddos can listen to those over and over (and over and over and over)! Kiddos can also record messages offline, but the Talkie will not send or receive messages until it is back on its home WIFI network.

What if I lose my Talkie? Can someone get my information?

If you lose your Talkie, someone else could technically set it up on their account, however NONE of your information would transfer to the new account and any messages that were on the toy would get erased.

Can kids only respond immediately to my Toymail?

Your kiddos can respond to your messages whenever they want! Old messages will automatically clear out as new ones come in. Talkies will store about 10 messages at a time, depending on their length.

How long will the four batteries last under normal use?

We have found batteries last about 2-4 months! If you're looking for a green solution, try using rechargeable alkaline batteries.

Where are the toys patented?

The Talkies are patented internationally.

How does my toy get software updates?

Software updates get pushed to your toy automatically and typically take a few seconds, depending on your WIFI connection

Can my child cancel a message before it sends?

Yes! While your child’s message is playing back on the Talkie, press the record button again to cancel the message

My Talkie doesn’t have my other Talkie’s contact information.

Please make sure your child’s profile has a name recorded. To do this go to the app settings and tap on MY KIDS. Go to your child’s profile and scroll down until you see RECORDED NAME. Press play to check the recording.

How do I adjust the volume on my toy?

Go to your app's home screen and tap your child's profile photo. Tap the gear on the top right corner to open settings. Scroll down and you will see three volume levels.