How it all works.

Sending a message

Press the mouth to listen, the talk button to send a
message, and the cloud button to select a contact
(for messaging) or channel (for cloud app).

Accessing the cloud

Toymail toys are never boring because they are expandable. You
can connect to the Toymail cloud to unlock new features and
channels fresh content into your toys as it becomes available.


Filter your voice into funny voices for hours of play.


Keep your kids on track throughout the day.


Offer incentives to get your child to stay in touch.

The anatomy of your toy

The Talkies

A breakthrough simple way for grownups to voice chat with kids. Push a button on the back of the Talkie to message a grownups phone or another kid’s Talkie.

The talkie box

The hidden component of the Talkie that allows it to be compatible with all your devices.