How to send messages

Send a message from app to toy

You can be anywhere in the world and send 
messages to a Talkie, your phone just needs 
to have a cellular or WIFI connection.

From the home screen, press on 
the profile picture of the user you 
want to message.

Send friend requests to cousins, 
grandparents, and friends - anyone 
that you want your child to connect with.

Play a message on Talkie

Your Talkie will need to be connected to a WIFI network 
(within 30 feet of your home WIFI router) to receive new 
messages.  However, your Talkie can play and record 
messages anywhere, while offline too.

When a new message is received,
your Talkie will play an alert sound. 

You can also check for new 
messages but pressing and holding 
on the center of the toy.


Press on the toy’s mouth to play 
your messages. Talkies store up to 
10 messages. If space is full, the 
next incoming message will replace 
the oldest message.


Your Talkie will go to sleep to 
conserve batteries, and wake-up  
and check for messages a couple 
of times an hour. Press and hold  
to force download new 


Send a message on Talkie

Press the contacts button to cycle 
through all contacts that have been 
downloaded into your Talkie.


Press the talk bubble button to 
record. Press again to listen to your 
message. And one more time to 
send (or it will automatically send 
after twenty seconds)


Send messages from toy to toy

Works toy-to-toy too. It’s safe - 
parents approve contact through 
the Toymail app.