"These might be the coolest toys we've ever seen."


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"These might be the coolest toys we've ever seen."

"One of this year's top tech toys!"

"A perfect gift for long-distance and military families or those who travel for business."

"An absolutely adorable (and genius) new toy."

"Gives kids a chance to play with physical toys rather than being sucked into screens and phones so early."

"Perfect for the perpetually traveling parent who doesn't want to give their young child a cellphone."

"Toymail cleverly rethinks not just a mobile communication device, but the toy category as well."

"A throwback to the walkie-talkies Mom and Dad grew up with, these innovative cuties are a genius means of connecting with the next generation.

"The only downside to Toymail… is that it's so cute it might make everyone using it puke!"

"You can chat with your kid all day — even when you're caught in traffic on the way home for dinner."

"The sweetest looking voicemail for the wee one in your life."

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