Chunk Sloth Talkie
Chunk Sloth Talkie
Chunk Sloth Talkie
Chunk Sloth Talkie

Toymail lets kids communicate with approved friends and family right from their WIFI-enabled Talkie. Adults can reply back directly from the free Toymail app and kids can talk toy-to-toy too.


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Works with free Toymail app

(IOS, Android, Kindle)


Product features
  • 2-way voice chat
  • IOS / Android / Kindle Fire compatible
  • Grows with your child - expandable content
  • Reminders help kids stay on track
  • Reacts to physical play
  • Schedule sleep and wake times
  • Parental approved contacts
  • Washable, interchangeable skins
  • WIFI built-in (2.4 GHZ compatibile, does not require a phone to use)
  • Runs on 4AA batteries (not included)